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What Gets You Through the Day?

Living with PD can have its physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Sometimes, just getting through one day at a time can be a hard-fought battle. Knowing this, we asked our community members, “What gets you through the day?” The outpouring of response was so amazing and eye-opening! We received so many wonderful submissions that we wanted to share, from heartwarming to thought-provoking, and everything in between.

Family and friends

Emotional support from others – particularly family and friends, was constantly reported as a great source of help to get through each day. A strong sense of community, which can take on many forms, was something so many of our members were grateful for.

“My friends.”
“My hubby.”
“My family.”
“Strong friendships.”
“I have been blessed with 4 great-grandchildren. They make me love my life.”
“My wife cheering for me.”
“I have a new grandbaby on the way.”
“Great kiddos and grandchildren.”
“Supportive family and friends!”
“The support of my son!”
“The people in my life! My husband, friends, family, neighbors.”
“Good Friends.”
“My community.”
“My support group.”


Prayer and faith were other commonly cited ways our community members said they found strength, inner peace, and happiness. Placing trust or belief in a greater influence helps many of our members make it through the day.

“The Grace of God.”
“Prayer, family, and church friends.”
“Praying and thinking of others.”
“Prayer and faith.”
“My Lord”
“Daily prayers.”
“My church group supports me.”


Although it may be quite a challenge, several of our members reported that regular exercise, when feasible, helps their physical symptoms and improves their mental health.

Rock Steady Boxing
“Water aerobics three times a week.”
“Dancing and exercising”
“Exercise, grit and determination....”
“Going to our Parkinson’s' Gym”
“Staying active”

Furry friends

Many of our community members credited their pets for helping them get through each day. Pets can help reduce stress, improve mental and emotional health, and perhaps most importantly, provide much needed companionship.

“My animals”
“I love to walk with my dogs. They seem to know I HAVE to walk slow with my walker.”
“Just having animals that need to be let out and feed keeps me going.”
“My 3 terriers.”
“My pets”
“My dog”

Hobbies and interests

Members reported that a new or favorite hobby offers them an escape when things are difficult, or the day feels insurmountable. Our community shared some amazing examples of hobbiesthat keep them going.

“Exploring nature”
“Expanding my talents and learning new music and instruments.”
“TV, computer, and Kindle Fire.”
“Watching Columbo reruns”
“Dancing and exercising.”
“Practicing advocacy”
“Perpetually learning”
“Playing Words with Friends”
“Watching comedians Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah”


And of course, there were many other intangible necessities our members shared that give them the push they need to keep going and fighting.

“A positive attitude.”
“Patience and a smile.”
“The belief that things will get better.”
“Continuing to do the things I love to do while I am still able to do so seems to be my biggest motivator. I’ve accomplished things I would not have imagined myself doing prior to my Parkinson's disease diagnosis. It seems to have given me a new confidence.”
“Being grateful, and having hope, purpose, and love!”
“The reason I get up in the morning is my love for life!”
“Doing all I can with each given day!”
“Gratitude! It’s such great fuel for the journey.”
“Nice weather!”
“Love and laughter.”
“Sheer determination.”

It is so inspiring to hear from our community about all of the wonderful and meaningful things that help them get through their day. We are in awe of the love and positivity expressed, as well as the strong sense of gratitude for supporters. What helps you get through each day? We’d love to hear from you!

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