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Jeff Dyche commented on the post, Parkinson’s Disease: To Nap or Not to Nap? 19 hours, 34 minutes ago

I suppose I am one of the few Parkies who is also a sleep researcher. I think the advice here is sage in that 30 min naps are very beneficial for anyone but esp those with PD since sleep probs are common. Also keep in mind that the epidemiology study referenced here is correlational so you can’t assume any causation. In other words, napping does n…

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mktbob55 shared a new story 2 days, 18 hours ago

I had a traumatic yet enlightened experience during my MRI recently. It had less to do with worry about the possible interaction of the MRI with my Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) equipment. Although the concern of […]

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helenlinda shared a new story 6 days ago

I love the sunshine. I feel motivated when a day begins with it. I find it such a struggle otherwise and so I am not looking forward to the Autumn – on that level. However Autumn is such a colorful time of the […]

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