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Is genetic testing for PD available?

Can/ should family members have genetic testing for PD? I heard in a Michael J Fox interview that a gene has been found that may predispose for PD.

  1. There is genetic testing through 23 and me among others. The decision to test is a highly personal one.The MJF Foundation just released significant information on bio markers that may help detect the possibility of early onset. If you go to their website you can read all the recent breakthroughs. I also just got a pamphlet from the foundation which I believe they will send you on request. There seems to be a great deal of research on early detection. Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

    1. Thea— if my daughters want to do genetic testing what is the next step? I don’t understand what you said about genetic testing through 23 and you??

      1. I am sorry the 23 andMe comment was not clear. It is through Ancestry.comYou can send for a kit, provide a saliva sample and get results mailed back to you. I cannot say how comprehensive the results are.You can call the Parkinson Foundation Helpline at 1-800-4pd- info 473-4436 to find a genetic counselor. The Foundation PD
        Generation study offers genetic testing and counseling to all participants. I hope this is more specific to meet your needs.

    2. Yes, now I understand. Thank you

      1. There is a study I just learned of at Mass General Hospital (MGH) called PDGENEration. I’m now looking into it. I may post more info as I become more aware.

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