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Recurrent thoughts

I’m curious if anything like this has come up for you? My background is eight years of Parkinson’s disease, which has been relatively mild. Most people are not even aware that I have Parkinson’s. I guess I’m pretty lucky. 8 years now.

I am also married to a woman that I love, respect, and can’t see my life with anybody but her. That hasn’t changed.

However, for some reason, I keep on thinking about a girl from my past. It was a disaster of a relationship. I only met her twice. I’ll spare the details, but the first time I met her there was a distinct attraction. we met up at a second conference, about six weeks later, and spent time together and I thought that she was still feeling it but she wasn’t and she basically told me to get lost. I didn’t understand so I called her, just to talk and she became frantic, and told me to never call her again. So I obliged and went on with my life, had a heartbroken spring break, but was chasing other girls months later. I hadn’t thought about her over the last 35 years at all.

But, for some reason, I began thinking about what happened, and realized that when I did, the old heartbreak came back. I have been thinking about what went wrong, knowing that I will never get an answer, and that it is pointless. Yet my mind’s default is to ruminate on this. Whenever my mind wanders I seem to default to this. Been going on about 4 months and not getting better. Not disturbing thoughts, just recurrent. Getting sick of the heartbreak.

So that is a long winded way of asking is there memory dysfunction in PD? The memory is emotional so I am thinking Amygdala dysfunction. Anybody else reliving traumatic memories?

  1. Hi , sorry to see there has not been any replies to your inquiry. If you are comfortable you can always post your question to our FB community as well - It may increase the likelihood of getting a response from others. Since posting have you had an opportunity to discuss what you are experiencing with your doctor? Parkinson's disease can come with some cognitive changes. I included an article on the topic here - Hope this helps. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

    1. Hi Robert have you discussed this with your doctor? What type of medication are you on? Do You know that some like Agonist cause impulse Behavior. Based on what I have seen and heard in many podcast and other people's experiences it can be sexual, shopping, gambling, cleaning that are mostly reported. Although for me I did get the impulse issue on Rytary. Especially when the doctor increased my medication way too fast. I'm not sure if you're familiar with that medication. It's basically a Time released version of Carbidopa/Levidopa

      Best of luck to you.

      1. P.S. My impulsive behavior was trying to get everything cleaned and organized including my hair which I cut it down very short by the time I was trimming over and over every time I saw a piece of hair out of place. 😛
        I didn't realize with the cleaning portion that I am getting a compulsive Behavior and I had never heard of that people having compulsive Behavior with C/L. I actually realized something really off when I started cutting my hair over and over.

        I am mentioning this so that you know when I mentioned that to my doctor he did not seem surprised that it wasn't a specifically one of the four mentioned above.

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