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Fill in the blank: "I overcome apathy by ___."

We posted this fill in the blank prompt on our Facebook page, so we wanted to see what answers we got here in our forums. Respond below!

  1. I overcome apathy by always trying to plan something to look forward to each day. A call to a friend, a new book to read, FaceTime with my grandchildren or an outing of some sort if I am up to it. At this time of year just seeing what flowers are blooming and having my husband bring me a bouquet gives me a lift. Thea

    1. I love to FaceTime with my grandkids too! They live 1000 miles away, but at least we have that option now!

  2. I overcome apathy by listening to my dog Sparky, when he barks and demands I do something with him (a walk / playing with squeaky toys). I f eel much more energetic now! Also, acknowledging apathy's object at rest tendency by moving to in motion, when I can.

    1. Many times I don’t overcome apathy. Many times I continue to sit in the car after my enduring wife has parked in the driveway and has gone into the house to actually accomplish something. Many times I sit in a parking lot as my wife goes shopping at a store we agreed to check out before driving there.

      Sometimes I can’t explain apathy because I don’t have the vocabulary or the motivation (because, after all, it is apathy) to deal with it.

      Thinking of myself as a logical or insightful person sometimes breaks down when interacting with my Parkinson’s self.

      1. I have felt apathy as a caregiver when I have been overloaded by stress with all that comes with being supportive to my loved one with PD.

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