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What Does Parkinson's Disease Awareness Mean to You?

  1. Great question Chris! Having been a PWP for 20 and wife to a PWP who has had PD for 22 years. We have spent the past 17 years dedicating our lives to creating awareness, advocacy, and education.
    Creating awareness means sharing our story, anytime, anywhere. It means providing education to others who may still view PD as an "old persons" disease. It means, doing creative things either with the the Parkinson's community or social media or both to make a statement that makes people go HMMMMM! IT always means making our Legislators aware of the needs of the Parkinson's Community as far as funding for research, ending Medicare therapy caps, and educating them on PD.

    1. Thanks so much for weighing, Gretchen! Sharing your personal story is a very powerful way to raise awareness. We're so glad that you and Michael do so on the regular! Thank you for all that you guys do for the Parkinson's community! - Chris, Team Member

  2. We love being part of Team and the whole Health Union Family!

    1. If you were to ask me that question 21 years ago, I'd say, no big deal but at that point but fast forward to the present and Parkinson's Awareness means everything. It means understanding and acceptance and loved because PD has completely rearranged my life. PD has altered my career, drained my retirement, causes me extraordinary pain and makes me think about everything I do from tying my shoes to brushing my teeth. Some would say living with PD sucks! I say its brought many blessings to my life in unexpected ways and most of all, the relationships I've made. So, what starting out as a bad thing, people have come into my life and continue to make PD a minor thing.

      1. Michael and Gretchen I definitely agree with you both.Sharing what Parkinson’s actually is with whoever is interested has been my goal since I was diagnosed in 2020. You both have a long history of making awareness a priority. And Michael I am grateful for the incredible support and encouragement I have been privileged to receive from so many new friends. Parkinson’s has taught me how blessed life is and I hope to pass that on to everyone I meet.
        Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

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