Where do I go from here?

I was living a happy life. I was considerably healthy (I’d lost over 170 pounds by walking every day and eating a healthy diet). That was until I began to fall to the ground for no explanation and no warning I’d just find myself on the ground.

Embarrassed but alive

Luckily I’d be on the sidewalk with only scratches and bruises, embarrassed but alive. I say alive because many times I awoke lying in the street with traffic all around me and being insulted by drivers swirling to avoid hitting me with their cars probably thinking I was drunk or high. Yes I’d be walking my 2 year old god daughter in her stroller and my vision would become so blurred I couldn’t see then I’d pass out. That was two years ago. I didn’t know I had Parkinson’s until I had a stroke.

Accepting my diagnosis

Now I have accepted my diagnosis and I am living my life being positive and optimistic about this disease. I have Shy Drager Syndrome which makes my pressure drop and I pass out. My saving grace is that I know what is wrong with me now so I just adjust to this merry go round and pray for a cure and thank God for life.

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