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Community Views Around Staying Positive: What Parkinson’s Cannot Take From Me

Sadness, anger, fear. When someone hears for the first time that they have Parkinson’s, it is natural to feel down. Any disease that affects quality of life could easily lead someone to isolate, shut down or feel stuck in life, unwilling to keep going.

Despite these challenges, we are so inspired to learn that so many members of the Facebook page are not letting Parkinson’s get the better of them. Instead, they are actively choosing to live a full, high-quality life.

We heard all about it when we asked you to fill in the blank: “Parkinson's has NOT stolen ____ from me.” Nearly 50 of you answered this question. Here is what you had to say.


The online Parkinson’s community is certainly diverse in its hobbies, and you are not letting Parkinson’s derail any of them if you can help it. We love reading that you are still enjoying golf, thanks to the LSVT Big programs.

Likewise, there are also special Rock Steady boxing classes for the Parkinson’s community. But, your hobbies don’t need to be physical. Several of you weighed in on your other pastimes, like watching sports, which you are still enjoying just fine.

“My love of the Dodgers and the Packers.”

“Since he’s been using what he's learned from the LSVT BIG program, he’s been playing golf nearly every day, whether it's going to the driving range or playing 9 or 18 holes. The difference has been remarkable. His golfing buddies thought he was taking lessons...ha! We’re so thankful for his doctor suggesting the LSVT Big and for the program being in our area. We’re now going to spend the winter months where he can continue playing golf.”

“My sense of humor!”

This disease absolutely does not need to rob you of your sense of humor. How you see life and the events in it is your choice. Yes, some days may be hard and there will be challenges, but you had challenges before Parkinson’s, too. It is all in how you look at it, and we are grateful that so many of you shared that you are still able to laugh.

“My sense of humor!”

“My humor. I refuse to let it.”


Likewise, who is in your life doesn’t need to change. Relationships will shift, but that is the course of life. Many of you shared that you are most grateful for your loved ones, and that love has remained untouched by Parkinson’s.

“My son.”

“My husband.”

“Love of life.”

One of the most popular answers in the community is that this disease will not take away your passion for living. You all shared that you are not letting Parkinson’s take away your hobbies, your fun, or your sense of humor, so it makes sense that it has not dulled your overall passion for life. Good on you. We each have one wild and precious life, so it is wonderful that so many in the community are choosing to keep enjoying every day as much as possible.

“Zest for life.”

“My love for life.”

We want to say thank you to everyone in the Facebook community who shared their lives with us. We are inspired by you all.

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