A Purpose, A Passion, and a Plan!

Recently, I came down with a nasty cold. I hadn’t had a cold in several years. I made it through bitter winters and steamy summers without a cold. The 2019 cold won recognition! Congestion, coughing, and constant nose blowing plagued me for almost two weeks and put me in bed for three days.

A few realizations and reflections

This nuisance of a cold set me back with my writing schedule by weeks. This unexpected visitor made me stop and reflect. I saw myself and I looked at others and made some realizations:

  • I realized just how important it is that we all have something in our lives to be passionate about and that motivates us to get up and out of bed every day. Without some structure or a plan, passion is great, but you might be working harder than you need to. Structure and a plan will help you work smarter and maybe keep you on track. Having that focused purpose and an attainable goal provides us with a target to shoot for.
  • Sometimes, sharing your passion and an incentive to share that passion supersedes your overall mission. I guess what I am trying to say is that your passion and motivation to help others may get lost when you lose sight of the message that you are trying to convey. As a blogger of many years, a purpose, a passion, and a plan are crucial for writing, for daily life, and for the long term.
  • It just amazes me and inspires me to meet people far older than myself, who thrive and continue to excel, even in the face of pending aging and continuous health challenges.
  • I don’t think that any of us can ever truly retire. Retirement, if I ever decide to, won’t mean stagnation. It will still mean trying I’m trying to care for my mind, my body, and my spirit. Retirement to me means an opportunity to grow and to explore the many curiosities that my job may have not allowed time for.

You don’t have to get a nagging cold to make observations, but who knows, you never know where and when epiphanies may pop up. Keep your eyes and ears open for those messages that come your way!

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