13 Years of Support

Bonnie is my name, but I melt when called Granny B' by my Grandchildren.

Status: Diagnosed at 46, July 2005 with Young Onset Parkinson's. Nearly thirteen years of tapping my fingers, walking across the room with arms swinging (because I know what my Neuro is looking for) tipping over while taking my confident turn to walk back. I've attended countless conferences, spent endless hours on the web, MJK trials, Davis Phinney events and attending four support groups (one I facilitate.) Attained the title; Girl with the Huge Notebook! (my OCD: is organizing and having info on all things PD related.) Trying numerous holistic and prescription meds. Heavy Sigh......

My PD journey

My PD journey with the tremors, curled toes, dystonia, fatigue, slowness of movements and thoughts...to mention a few Parkinson's indicators may sound familiar to one but can be a constant issue for another. The stories we share are uniquely individual. Yet they create a bond of characteristics only those who have Parkinson's share.

I have written my story many times over the years and there is always one common fact that has held true: Life is Good because God is Good. I remember my doctor sliding his chair closer and saying you do understand you have Parkinson's! I think he thought I would be devastated. But the opposite was true. I actually was relieved; finally I have a diagnosis and a reason for all my complaints. This gave me clarity and a new direction to put my efforts towards. I was once told to know as much about my disease as possible and remember I'm not alone.

Staying active and informed

This is why I try to stay active and informed. I want to share with others what they may be too restricted or fearful to discover. I know the medications are necessary, the fatigue and emotional changes all come with the disease. On and off times and the value of a nap each day are part of the package too! Parkinson's will change your life but you can change lives as well. It's the people I share this fight with who are courageous, wonderful friends I hold dear to my heart, truly they are the best part of my story.

Parkinson’s is frustrating, painful, confusing and embarrassing at times but the gift of support from others is valuable and life-altering. I've come to see each day as a gift and each relationship a blessing. We will continue to support one another, encourage one another, by building relationships with Hope for our future.

Final note: My favorite scripture has always been Psalms 46:10, "Be Still and Know That I Am God."
My name is: Granny B. I can't sit still, and I Know that He is My God!
.......Ba Bum Bum

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