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Has any member had a kidney transplant and now has PD?

I had a kidney transplant in 2014 and now have been diagnosed with PD. I have not exercised in a long while and m starting PT . For a long while the tx team thought my tremors where from the anti rejection meds I take, but after having a DATscan they confirmed I have PD. I am 74 yo female. My back and leg pain and weakness is really getting me down. Is there any one in our community that can offer some thoughts? Thank u, Mary

Community Answers
  • Chris H. moderator
    6 months ago

    Hi, @mbachura – Seems like we’re still waiting for someone else to weigh in! I thought you might be interested in reading this study, however: Their conclusion was that patients undergoing tissue transplant may have a lower risk of developing PD than the general population. It appears that there’s more investigation needed before making any concrete conclusions. Take care! – Chris, Team

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