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Symptoms of PD

Hi, I'm new here. I am 67, diagnosed 2 years ago. Right now I have trembling in my hands and taking L/C which has been working. I'm mostly wondering about some other things that have been happening. Does anyone have trembling in their legs? I can be just sitting here and my legs just start trembling. I also can't sleep. I toss and turn all night. I am also experiencing neuropathy in my feet. Have others experiencing any of these issues? Thanks.

  1. Hi welcome to our community!! I am so glad you found us and reached out. I am glad L/C is helping with the trembling in your hands. Many of our members have said they feel trembling in their legs. I am sending over this article as I hope it can help you: I am also sending you this article that offers tips for trying to get a good night's sleep: In regards to the neuropathy in your feet, I am hoping this can help: I really hope you can get some relief. Please reach out if we can help with anything else. Jill, team member

    1. I have recently seen my doctor and my sleeplessness is due to the pressure of my bipap. It needed to be increased. I'm sleeping better now. The neuropathy has stopped. My doctor said that he didn't see it necessary to increase my meds right now. My symptoms are not debilitating so he wants to just closely monitor my symptoms and call him if things change.

  2. Thanks for this information.

    1. Hello... I too experience nearly the same issues. I'm 53 and was diagnosed with PD 7 years ago and the only symptom I had at that time was a left hand tremor. Last year I started having a tremor in my left leg and now I also have a tremor in my right hand. Carbidopa Levodopa is working fairly well. I too have recently been experiencing sleep disturbances and my neurologist has prescribed me a sleep aid that is working great. I am also experiencing neuropathy in the toes on my left foot. My neurologist performed a Needle electromyography which came back mostly normal but it verified that I had no specific nerve damage causing the neuropathy. So I still no definitive reason for the neuropathy cause as if yet but it was a god start towards figuring it out.

      1. Hi Jessica, I'm doing ok. Thank you for checking in 😀

      2. glad to hear you are doing okay! Wishing you a lovely weekend. -Jessica, Team Member

    2. Thank you this is very helpful. I will discuss this with my doctor at my appointment next month.

      1. so glad the information was helpful. To echo Jill, if we can help locate any other information while you wait for your appointment, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are here for you. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

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