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How do you educate others about PD?

Community Answers
  • Dan Glass moderator
    2 years ago

    In a classroom, it’s relatively easy since I can use a lot of medical articles, essays like the one from Robin Williams’ wife, or just in showing what I still can do, even with PD. Nevertheless, Thursday is my last class before I switch out of teaching for a different position at the college I work at. Mostly, with my blog, and by talking openly and inviting all questions in whatever form they come up allows me to explain what I still can do. In the beginning, I try to keep it simple with what they’ll see of my symptoms.As time goes on, we look at articles and situations to show how they would be a good topic for their papers (I do get a fair bit of medical papers, so this shows them the STEM world and the personal world). As I said, I made a choice to move into a part time (instead of adjuncting as needed) position that opens other jobs up in the school). I would say that more people are generally interested in how things are made real by going from personal to research.

    Additionally, it allows students to open up to me about their own situations. Here, it’s a 2 way street that I”m glad I could help people go down (with their own personal experience and needs to overcome their new normal.

  • Chris H. moderator author
    2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this, Dan! I had never read this essay by Susan Schneider Williams until now, and wow; what a poignant piece of writing. It further displays the importance of telling one’s story about PD and other chronic conditions. We’re grateful for the ways in which you spread awareness to others about PD. Thanks again! – Chris, Team Member

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