By Karl Robb - March 1, 2018
Apathy is more than a basic indifference or inability to make a clear and decisive decision. Merriam-Webster defines apathy as a lack of feeling or emotion or a lack of interest or concern.... READ MORE

By maria.deleon - February 23, 2018
As we start a new year, many of us might have enrolled in new insurance programs and discovered that their doctors are no longer in-network, even worse, not covered by your insurance... READ MORE

By Michael Church - February 16, 2018
Each day starts out pretty much the same way. I try to get out of bed gracefully (which means without falling). Usually successful I then make coffee and take meds. After breakfast,... READ MORE

By Angela Robb - February 12, 2018
My husband and I attended a yoga class on New Year’s Eve. Our yoga instructor and friend, Rixie, through yoga, guided us to reflect on 2017 and set intentions for 2018. I’m fond... READ MORE

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