There Is Not Enough Time To Do It All

Posy finds that having Parkinson’s disease (PD) narrows her range of skills. Do you have PD? If so, Posy would like to know how you manage your time and energy to include all you want to be able to accomplish in a day, a week, a year.

Posy needs to add exercise to her routine. But with her other priorities (medical appointments, grooming, chores, piano practice and rehearsing) and the consequential rest all of this demands, there never seems to be a moment when she can fit in anything else!

Exercise excuses

Posy’s legs have felt stiff a lot this year. She was delighted to attend an online Parkinson's exercise class and, although she thoroughly enjoyed it, she has not managed to attend another class since then.

What excuses does she offer? Sadly, genuine ones: She's been away, been in bed with COVID, been in bed with norovirus. Ta-da! Tomorrow would have been her one opportunity, but she has an appointment! And then, she will be on a trip.

Posy is currently seeking ballet, tap, lyrical, and modern dance classes, but attending a dance studio in person these will involve trips in the car (with her husband as chauffeur.) She will keep you posted.

Making time for piano

On the bright side, Posy did manage to practice the piano this year. She wanted to see if she could learn a beautiful Liszt concert étude from scratch. Please listen to the final recording, just in case Posy cannot manage this sort of challenge again.

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