Let It Be: My Outlook for Coping with Multiple Conditions

While doing stretching exercises I often listen to music to help keep rhythm and make it a little less boring. One day the Beatles iconic song "Let it Be" began playing. As I sang along, the lyrics really took on new meaning: "Whisper words of wisdom, let it be."

Struggling with multiple conditions

For over 40 some years I have struggled with the many challenges of lupus, orthostatic tremor, macular degeneration, chronic hives of unknown origin, arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. There are times my anxiety level has reached an all time high as I try to accept all the challenges and symptoms these conditions present.

I have recently added a rather baffling digestive disorder that has taken top priority in the number of tests and treatments I am undergoing, and it has left me basically immobile. However, the digestive specialist has just found what he feels is the answer: biofeedback exercises. I have to trust that there will eventually be an answer and let it be.

What is causing my symptoms?

I find the more I fret over what condition is causing what symptom the more muddled it all becomes. Fortunately my lupus has been dormant for about 20 years, but sometimes extreme pain, fever, or rashes make me question if it’s a flare.

The multiple conditions I am dealing with also leave my medical team questioning what condition is causing each symptom. With Parkinson’s, so many symptoms appear, stay awhile, and then seem to resolve themselves.

I’m learning to take a "wait and see" approach as long as the new symptom doesn’t seem to be a real cause for concern. There always is an answer and I can accept that and let it be.

Reducing my anxiety

My way of thinking has allowed me to reduce my anxiety by tenfold. If I am experiencing a great deal of fatigue, I don’t obsess about why anymore. I choose to take the day and rest. The answer is usually overdoing it the day before, and knowing it won’t last forever, I can let it be.

If I have a pain in my foot that is tolerable, I wait it out before thinking the worst. I get through the day and go about my usual routine. The answer may be a misstep, and I can just let it be.

While a headache can be annoying, if it is mild and short lived I can take a Tylenol. I wait for the pain to subside and let it be.

Accepting the challenges of my conditions

Of course I will always contact my medical team if anything arises that is of serious concern. However in most cases I have learned to be more accepting of the challenges my conditions cause and stop obsessing over anything unusual that may appear briefly. Instead, I whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

It has taken some time for me to reach a point where I am not obsessing over everything, and worst of all, Googling what might be happening. Searching the Internet has too many answers, none of which may apply and just add to my anxiety.

I find my current outlook to be very helpful in facing the day to day. I have also learned that my medical team will find the answer if there is a cause for concern, even if it takes some time ... and some conditions we just have to learn to endure.

No matter what the case, I have embraced the fact that there will be an answer and to just let it be.

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