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skin problem with Parkinson's

Does anyone else, besides me and my brother, have "dandruff on the skin"?

  1. My skin has always been extremely dry.

    1. Belle, thanks for your comment. My skin is also very dry too. I just put good body cream on. My skin feels much better and does not itch anymore. Go pamper yourself! 😀. All the best, Marc M., Moderator, ParkinsonsDisease.Net

  2. Hi Belle, Ditto what Marc said, to add, I will put a plug in for Burt's Bee's Baby Ointment- I have eczema and this really helps to slather on at night time. All the best, Suzanne Troy, Parkinson's member

    1. murcadden If you are referring to scaly patches similar to those on the scalp that some experience on the scalp which is seborrheic dermatitis. Seborrheic eczema or seborrheic psoriasis may be the culprit. The Mayo Clinic has a lot of information. Iwould suggest that you see a dermatologist if the condition becomes too uncomfortable or persistent. I hope you can get relief from this annoying symptom.
      Thea DeStephano , Community Team Member , ParkinsonsDisease.Net

      1. yes. They told me I had eczema. I never had this before. I was told to use a certain cream but it just felt like I was covering my pores so they couldn’t breath. I couldn’t stand to touch my face especially. I would go wipe it all off before going to bed.

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