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Parkinsons progression speed

Good day folks. My mom has recently been diagnosed with parkinsons. Onset of symptoms was 2 months ago, prior to that she's had issues walking but we assumed it was due to her RA. In 2 months she has gone to not talking and needing to be fed, she's now mostly bed ridden though we drag her to the toilet several times a day, with great difficulty. Has anyone had such extreme speedy onset of symptoms? The neurologist gave us medication and said we should see improvement In a few days, after 2 weeks no improvement and my mom has stopped speaking all together since the meds. Could it be a misdiagnoses

  1. I am so sorry to hear what your mom and your family is going through. My heart goes out to you all. When it comes to PD, everyone progresses differently. I included a link to the stages of PD here - Have you reached out to the doctor about not seeing any improvement with the medication? It could never hurt to seek a second opinion, especially if you are concerned about a misdiagnosis and/or if you don't feel like your mom is getting the best care possible. I truly hope your mom can find some relief and improvement in her symptoms. Thinking of you all. Hugs, Jessica, Team Member

    1. Thanks for the kind words Jessica I appreciate it. Her neurologist is away for a few weeks but we will follow up when he gets back maybe there are some more tests they can do. For now we are just trying our best and continuing with it.

      1. your mom is so lucky to have you. I truly hope when her doctor returns they can help her find some relief. I will be thinking of you all. Please feel free to check in any time and let us know how things are going. We are here for you. Hugs, Jessica, Team Member

    2. Have you considered getting a second opinion? It seems like such a drastic decline and we certainly understand your concern. Let us know how we can be of any help. We care and sympathize with what you are dealing with. Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

      1. Thank you for your comment, Shadow47. The drastic changes that your mom is experiencing can be multi-factorial. I agree with Jessica H's advice. If you haven't done so already, I would get a second opinion from a movement disorder neurologist. Refusing nourishment is a very serious condition that can have a negative impact on the body, including the functioning of internal organs, skin integrity, and cognition as well as many more conditions. You may have done so already, have you considered asking your MD for assistance from a social worker, or physical and occupational therapist in addition to a speech pathologist to help with your mom's speaking and swallowing abilities? Please keep in touch. I'm concerned. I care. Marc M., Moderator,

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