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My battle with Parkinson

Since 2016 I have had Parkinson. It’s affecting my daily life, especially with using my hands to hold my fork and knife and feed myself, meal time for me is a very tiring and frustrating situation especially when I am with my family, I feel embarrassed and angry at myself, same thing with washing my hands or face and washing my hair . All of these activities which used to be natural and normal are not any more. I get upset when my daughter or son try to help me with that, it makes me feel helpless and not in control of myself. 

  1. I'm so sorry you are struggling. All of these emotions you're feeling are completely normal. Maybe you could tell your family that you prefer if they wait for you to ask for help before jumping in to help you. I'm sure they want to help because they love you. I found an article you may find helpful.
    Best wishes, April - Team

    1. Hi April,
      Many thanks for your reply,it made feel better and for sure I will read your suggested article

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