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Managing Multiple Conditions with Parkinson's

As this article states, Parkinson's has been linked to several other health conditions. What other conditions are you managing along with Parkinson's? What's the most challenging part about treating more than one condition?

  1. My father with PD and dementia, who will be 87 this week, has multiple challenges. Mostly it cognitve in his advance stages of PD but he also had prostate cancer 20 some years ago. As a result, he has a super pubic catheter. We also found out last week his PSA count is up so we need to decide whether or not to treat. We were recommended to start palliative care at some point when dad has more challenges. We are almost reaching this point. Palliative care was recommended to help manage multiple conditions. Best regards, Suzanne Troy, team member

    1. Chris,
      It is frightening to realize that Parkinson's can be joined by other conditions. At 65 there are multiple things that can be associated with aging. My hope is that if I do the things recommended to slow my disease progression diet, medication and exercise to name a few. It will help me to avoid the other illnesses associated with Parkinson's however aging is inevitable. Blessings, Mike

      1. I agree with those who posted their challenges with depression and anxiety!!! Totally agree with them!
        Also, the on again/off again extremely tired, unmotivated and just want to sleep.

        1. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing depression, anxiety, tiredness and apathy c-d. If you haven't done so already, have you considered speaking to your doctors? Have your medications changed? I wish you a better year in 2022. Please keep in touch. I care. Merry Christmas! Marc M., Moderator,

      2. Marc,
        Your honesty is commendable. Mental health is huge for PwP’s. Thank you for your insight. c-d you have a ton of support from your fellow participants. Blessings, Mike

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