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Meds - timing/ regularity

When I met with a neurologist and she prescribed the C/L, I couldn’t get a sense of importance as to scheduling. I hate taking meds. If I take one aspirin a year, that’s too much.
So I started taking my C/L breakfast, lunch , and dinner. Problem was , I was missing the required times and just ended up slacking off. After about 6 months, I didn’t feel the effectiveness of the meds. So I stopped altogether. The fatigue and shaking increased. ( really?duh) so I made a conscious decision that after my covid shots, I would try again.
Well, by sticking to an 8 am, 12pm, 4pm schedule, and 3 weeks later, I find the tremors and fatigue are reduced and manageable. Moral of my story,
Timing is everything.

  1. I too find regularity to be important, as well as taking my meds 30 minutes prior to eating or two hours after. First thing in the morning is an easy one, as is prior to going to sleep. It's the midday requirement that often trips me up, primarily due to my poor planning and not a great enough emphasis on making my meds a priority during the the middle of the day when I'm most active. At times I place emphasis on an activity I'm involved in or totally space on the meds; other times I'm in that window of before or after eating in which one should not take the medications...and I pay a small price for those lapses.

    1. hi Ricky. When I started on the meds, I had the same issues as you. As a result I stopped taking the meds. I decided to test myself So, after 6 months ( no meds) I tried to measure the tremors in some pseudoscientific way. (Primarily guitar playing). Shaking and fatigued after 5 minutes. Then took meds regularly, as you say “ not AT mealtime and evenly through the day. After 4 weeks, I am now playing over a half an hour+ with no issues. Minor controllable shaking, no fatigue. It has become my new motivation. Thanks for your feedback.

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