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Managing PD During the Holidays

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, this season can get to be overwhelming. What are some ways you get through the holidays?

  1. With the holiday approaching, it's nice to know we have a dining room table to accommodate everyone including my dad with PD and dementia. My house is familiar to him and he loves our dog. Find ways to comfort your loved ones with PD and make their favorite recipes. My dad loved to bake so I love to make cookies and pies with him. Happy Holidays everyone!

    1. I cannot think of a holiday I don’t enjoy or decorate for and I really don’t find them stressful.
      Although we certainly have traditions, we adjust them accordingly. By eliminating the need for everything having to always be the same or perfect we can relax and concentrate on enjoying one another without predetermined expectations.
      Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

      1. I'll be hosting Thanksgiving as I have more often lately now that my father with PD and mother are no longer the patriarchs of the family. I'm it now! (: I enjoy having a house full of people and I'm learning to scale back on the extensive menus that sometimes Thanksgiving imposes on us by tradition. Last year I catered a wonderful dinner from a local restaurant which was perfect as I just had moved my parents from their house to a senior home. This year I'm doing a smaller scale menu that I hope everyone will enjoy! We will be hosting my parents 85 and almost 87 and my in-laws almost 90 both. We are so blessed to have all four parents still alive and lively! I'll have all my children at home too and some extended family.
        How are you celebrating this Thanksgiving? How are you doing it low key and fun?
        Blessings on your day, Suzanne Troy, Team Member

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