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Loss of language with Parkinsons

My husband has moderate cognitive impairment as part of Parkinson’s and his loss of language is increasing— he can not find the words. He has a Rivastigmine patch daily, which the neurologist has increased to 13.5 mg. Does anyone know of other medications that might help? It is so frustrating for him. Thank you. Judie

  1. Judie, thank you for your response about your husband's cognitive decline from Parkinson's. Sadly, it is a relatively common event of the disorder. My most recent visit to my new Movement Disorder Specialist began with an about 20-min assessment of cognition. We do not give medical advice on this site but as your husband's care partner, please take this issue up with his Movement Disorder Specialist. Because there are medications they can begin to try and use, and he can be referred to other Specialists that focus on cognitive decline. The cognitive decline could be caused by a loss of dopamine or an altered interaction with other neurotransmitters. This is certainly an important topic to get more medical advice for your husband, especially as you describe he has a problem "finding words." His Neurologist should have experience dealing with cognitive issues due to the common occurrence of Parkinson's. Thank you for caring so much to write. Good luck with this problem, and best wishes for dealing with your husband's healthcare team. Frank C. for the Parkinson' Team

    1. , sounds like you've done a lot, You can not do everything, and you've made some difficult decisions for your husband. Keep going forward, and don't give up on your husband. Deep down, he knows you are trying to help him through this period. But he also needs to continue to try, continue to be trained better through cognitive training I agree with these comments. Try to ask his Neurologist, Best wishes, Frank C for the Team

    2. Thanks Frank. I think cognitive training would be good for him. He is so smart, that his deficiencies don’t show up in psychological\cognitive training. But he has lost a lot of cognition, and memory, and executive functioning….so hard to see. Judie

  2. Has your husband been receiving any cognitive training which focuses on more specific abilities such as

    1. ,
      I'm glad to see mention of "cognitive training"!
      As a PD group fitness leader I have heard participants talk about working with a Speech Therapist who can provide assessment, guidance and exercises

  3. Have found that rigorous exercise can work wonders for most Parkinson symptoms

    1. Yes , regular exercise at the gym, with a trainer, playing pickleball and walking the dog all seem to help my husband’s mobility. We did see a speech therapist but that didn’t help his speech or dementia. Thanks for your responses!

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