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PWP: People With Parkinson's Living Alone

Not everyone, including myself has a caregiver (i.e. spouse , family member) living with them. Therefore, because of our single and alone status we don't have the immediate caregiver access that others have by being married etc..
This 'living alone' community can have certain issues that are very unique. It is my hope this discussion group can be a way to connect to others of like circumstances. We're all in this together so...let's get started.

  1. Hello, we appreciate you starting a good topic for discussion! As a care partner for my father, aged 87, I have experienced the reliability and need for helping my dad as he progresses to the advanced stage of PD and now dementia. He was very independent for many years so I think it’s only natural that those with PD, like yourself, will add to your team for helping you manage your care as the needs arise or change. I pray for your ability to be independent as long as you can but you must not hesitate to ask for help when that time comes. Blessings to you and that others will chime in too on this great conversation! All the best, Suzanne Troy , Parkinsons team member

    1. I do have acquaintances that are alone and when necessary have contacted their local Council on the Aging or a hospital social worker for guidance on what maybe available to them. As said never hesitate to seek help. A friend of mine actually found a physician that comes to her home if she cannot get to appointments . I admire your independence and know how hard that can be to give up. This is an important topic and thank you for starting the dialogue. All the best, Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

      1. Hello all, I can see both sides of having your independence or having a partner/signficiant other. I can say that my mom and dad have had each other for almost 63 years. We are now making decisions about dad's long term care as he is now 87 and needs 24 hours care at home or to live in long term care facility. We are leaning toward a facility because mom cannot take care of him (along with caregivers) anymore at home. She is tired. For a long time we also were able to get home health care agencies to help dad with p.t., o.t. and even have a nurse or m.d. visit him at home. I highly recommend agencies when you get to the point where you are "homebound". Medicare pays for all of it. All the best to you independent minded PwP! Suzanne Troy, team member

    2. Hi, I'm one of those PWPs living alone most of the time. I'm 46 and for the most part independent. My 19 year old son stays with me every other week when he is not away at college, but I do my best to hide my PD struggles from family still so that they don't worry. Somedays this is harder than others, especially days where depression and lack of interest in anything is prevalent, and motion is slow and stiff.

      But I am glad to not be in a relationship, married or anything like that, because I do enjoy my freedom to do what I want when I want or not do if I choose. I have thought to myself while doing some house projects that this is a bad idea and I probably shouldn't be attempting this any more but.... Oh well.

      1. I hire more and more things done…simply because I have no one else to do it anymore. I’m a widow and even though I had a number of relationships (one actually lasted 8 years, what the hell was I doing!)!! I’m too independent. I like my alone time and I don’t have to worry about asking for anything. I have a good friend who is a life saver and takes me to get my hair and nails done, to get groceries AND she cooks for me just about every night. I’m so blessed to have her in my life. I’m 77 and I plan on living till God calls me home.

        1. You should be on a billboard for being so positive and independent with PD! I've read and re-read your comment several times and you bring joy to my heart, Abbymay! Continued good thoughts, Marc M., Moderator, ParkinsonsDisease.Net

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