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Is paraquat relation with PD real?

I received a text from my sister concerning paraquat and it’s connection to PD. I googled it and there seems to be a study or many studies concerning this ( I can’t tell if there is actually more than one). Now I’m getting emails asking me to join a study.

I was a surveyor in Texas and in the outdoor survey world for almost 30 years. It is possible that I came into contact with paraquat, but I couldn’t verify it one way or another. And, if I was introduced to it 30 years ago, why am I seeing issues 30 years later? And, what are the issues of continuity and amount.?

I am curious if anyone heard of this or was affected by the chemical or is in the study.

I can’t see this as being legit, since no one seems to know the cause of PD and the fact that it affects different people differently.

Reality check!!!

  1. Hey, - You ask a lot of great questions in this post! I did want to share an article we have about environmental exposures and PD: This article sites an NIH study, and it may be the one that you found as well. Hope this helps. - Chris, Team

    1. Good article but different from what is now available online. It turns out that studies are much more intensive. Unfortunately, the link between paraquat and Pd must be clear and distinct before any legal action can be taken against the chemical mfg.

      The articles are interesting and informative and the good thing is, the research continues.

      In the meantime we carry on, Fight the fight and keep each other in our community informed.

    2. I recently joined the lawsuit against the chemical mfg. I believe I contracted "something", because of all the things I now suffer with, including Parkinson's, way back in 1973 when I was stationed at Midway Island in the south Pacific for 2 1/2 yrs. While I was at the Naval Facility there. The island was used as a chemical storage and transfer station. Just to let you know your not of what we can do is determined by the things we have been through. Stay safe and keep your hands on.

  2. Praying 🙏

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