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I have trouble getting out of bed

I just bought an electric bed. However, I use to use a quarter side rail and I was able to get to a sitting position by myself However, now I am having trouble sitting up in bed so that I can get to a standing position. Does anyone have any suggestions about a free-standing device not attached to or under the mattress for assistance? Marc M.,

  1. Marc I have seen a post like device that attaches to the ceiling and has a grab handle as well as a sturdy suction hold . Medical supply stores or your home health care service may be able to give you the best advice. I have seen them on Amazon but don’t know if there are better resources. Good luck on finding what works best for you . Thea

    1. Marc I will do further research and hopefully can find a better description. Thea

      1. Have you consulted with a home health care agency- maybe to have them come and evaluate your situation? My dad used a side rail to get over to his side and then elevate himself to a sitting position in order to swing his legs to the side of the bed in order to get to a staniding position. Best wishes, Suzanne Troy

        1. Thank you, Suzanne. I will give it a try! Regards, Marc M.,, Moderator

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