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Getting the most out of an appointment with a Movement Disorder Specialist

Hi everyone. My PWP, my elderly father, lives in Ontario, Canada and we have finally secured an appointment with the Movement Disorder Clinic in Toronto. He is 92 years old and was diagnosed with Parkinson's about 11 years ago. At this point, he has significant mobility issues, dementia, memory issues and excessive daytime sleeping. At the moment his Parkinson's related medication is Sinemet (100/25) - two tablets four times a day and Galantamine (8mg) twice a day. Wondering how to make the best of this specialist appointment...obviously a list of current medications. Any other suggestions?

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        1. I am glad to hear you have gotten an appointment with a movement disorder specialist as they are well versed in Parkinson’s and have additional training in dealing with the disease. I would suggest keeping a log of symptoms and side affects and when they occur and any other pertinent information. Sometimes it can be difficult to recall exactly when issues occurred with the added stress of meeting with a new provider. Writing down any questions you may have is also helpful. I hope the visit goes well. Thea DeStephano
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