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Being on my own with parkinson

I was diagnosed with parkinson and angina and heart disease and some other problems I find it hard since my wife died and
being on my own because we
never had any kids but then I
do have all my little fat pugs and
I do have a sister but she lives
over 200 miles away still there
is always some one worst of than you.

  1. Hello and welcome to our community. Thank you for sharing your story. You have been thru so much with your own health and losing your wife. My heart goes out to you. My own father past away recently following a long life with PD and other ailments. You will find strength here at as we are a community of those with PD and their care partners. We are here for you and wish you the best. I have a dog myself and they are the best care partners. (: Please keep in touch with how you are doing. All the best, Suzanne Troy, website advocate

    1. Thank you for your response I am new to all online stuff and
      chat it nice to see there are other people ho care about other it takes me along time type out all this and
      some times I have alot of trouble typing it all out .ps thank you

      1. You are most welcome! You seem to do fine with your nice messages to our community! Please keep in touch with how you are doing.
        Good vibes being sent your way! Suzanne Troy

      2. Welcome to our PD community @CommunityMember2822. Your story is complicated, and we are sorry about losing your wife. You must maintain a healthy heart or try to do so while keeping your brain in good health. Being on your own is difficult, but your attitude sounds strong, so keep it going. Good luck, and welcome to the group. Let us know if you have any questions, Frank C. for the PD-net Team.

    2. Be sure and read my story with Pakrinson's

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