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Parkinson's I am angry!

Hey, Parkinsons you are a coward. You appear with many colors, being hard to see. Pain is rain in the winds coming in all directions. We gain our strength from God and each other. No one knows when you come. Dam right we fight! Parkinsons you are not going to take us without a fight. We may frown but hey you're the clown. Our cells may die with no coming back, so don't lie and cause confusion. Pause! you will never know when you are no more. We are Rock Steady Boxing along with Music Therapy and Wellness. WE ARE ROCK STEADY!

  1. I love your great attitude about that coward PD! (: Are there any recommendations that you have for those who might be interested in Rock Steady?
    All the best, Suzanne Troy, team member

    1. Yes I do. Find yourself a Rock Steady Boxing class. There are classes whole over the. World. Find the one in your area.. Parkinson’s Boxing
      Classes are non contact boxing program to fight back against Parkinson’s disease..
      You can watch a class after you clear it with the instructor. I went to observe a class it inspired me to come be a part of of the group. You work at your own pace if you have to sit down and do your exercises you will not be along.. it is a great way to meet someone knows what you are going through..Enough of my hot air. There are videos of Rock Steady Boxing Parkinson’s on You Tube. If you have someway to watch them go explore rock steady boxing for people with Parkinson’s. Peace Out Marien Byrne

      1. Thanks for much for the awesome details on how Rock Steady has done amazing things for you and how it can help others with PD too! That is what is great about our community when you are willing to sharing your experiences with others. Thank you! You have taken the fear out of your daily living and turned it into a positive! Take care and let us know how you are doing! Blessings, Suzanne, team member,

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