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Advice on how to handle my sister

Good evening. My sister is 56 and has been diagnosed with Parkinsons. I would like to know how do I handle this and how can I help her? What can I expect to happen? She is trembling in both hands and feet/legs. Thank you.

  1. Does she need "handling"? Is she able to handle herself and how much? She may just need support and listening and to do this the best thing to do is asking her. Does she need help talking to doctors, researching treatments and supplements? Does she need support handling the grief and frustration of the new diagnose? While it is a difficult illness always asume that there is still a lot she can do for herself. Just observe and ask kindly if she needs anything else.

    1. I am so sorry that your sister has PD. She might have done so already, but has she contacted her movement disorder neurologist for recommendations on medical management for the tremors and physical, occupational, or speech pathologist for treatment. In addition, he can recommend a psychologist, social worker, or psychiatrist as needed. Please keep in touch. We care. Warmly, Marc M., Moderator,

      1. Thank you for responding Marc. Here in Athens we dont have movement neurologists. We are looking for a physiotherapist who will help.

        1. Thank you for your quick reply, Sevi. Do they have a Physiatrist in Athens? In the US, they are medical doctors of physical therapy. They may also her in your sister's care. Best, Marc M., Moderator,

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