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Advice for newly diagnosed people with Parkinson's

Receiving a Parkinson's disease diagnosis can bring a flood of questions and emotions. For those who are years into your diagnosis, what tips or advice do you have for those who are newly diagnosed?

  1. As a daughter of someone who has had PD and now dementia for over 10 years, I would suggest having a supportive team of friends and/ or family to be by your side when you are going thru testing. If you are diagnosed with PD, then you need a team of health professionals to guide you along the way. A social worker is one of my top tips as we didn't know what to expect in the future. This person can be a guiding light on the neurology team that sometimes are more at the medical level rather than daily life routines etc.
    Best regards, Suzanne Troy, team member

    1. Don’t read a lot of material all at once about PD. It is too depressing. I finally limited myself to 30-60 minutes a day.

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