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6 week Course For People with Parkinson's

Both my husband I have been referred to a course for people with Parkinson's! We are just waiting on the date when it is to start and the times.
It is to have specialist talk to the group, exercises and I am not to sure what else at this stage until I get more information about it!
When I was contacted that they had received our referrals I was asked what I want to get out of it! I told her that I need help with my balance and exercises that I will be able to do and find out what I can and to meet other people who also have PD which I think will also help David too!
We are pretty much on our own since our daughter and son-in-law moved up the coast 4 and half hours drive from us! Our only contact we have is with doctors and phone calls to our daughter and it can be a few days before our son gets back to us when we try to ring him! But John and Bree did come and pick me up from the hospital when David had his last turn and the ED doctor was concerned about me getting a taxi at 11:30 at night and having missed three lots of my PD medication and I was unsteady on my feet! They put the washing on the rack before they left and John took me up to the hospital the next day and home again! Bree took me the following day and David was discharged in the afternoon so she took us home! I gave them petrol money for helping and they have said if we need to get to an appointment and have trouble getting community transport the would take us there! They have a shop that is open 7 days a week so I don't like to ask them!
But I am looking forward to going to this course! I will let you know more later! Has anyone else been to one before?

  1. Hi , it sounds like this is course is educational so that you can learn more about living with PD, which sounds great. I'm glad your family was able to help you get home. I'd like to encourage you to reach out to friends and family for help when needed, especially when they are offering the assistance. Please keep us updated. I'd love to know what you learn in the course. April - Team

    1. Hi

  2. is there a Parkinsons class or support group near me. Wareham, Ma. 02571 Millie F.

    1. , there are two ambassadors of the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s in Massachusetts. I don’t know if your location is near Sterling or Rockland, which are where they live. They are helpful so maybe emailing them could be good. You can contact them on the website. Tap on “connect” and search the ambassador list by location-Massachusetts. I echo April’s suggestion to contact the Massachusetts APDA chapter as well. Lorraine, moderator

  3. Hi . It's always a good idea to get suggestions from your medical providers. I also did a bit of research and found the website for the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Parkinson Disease Association. It looks like they offer a lot of resources and education. Here's a link to the website:
    I hope you find it helpful. April - Team

    1. Hi All, I have participated in a "parkinsons school." Dr. Laurie Mischley has a wealth of knowledge and is an incredible supporter of health and wellness for People with Parkinson's. If you know of a "parkinson's school," share it with the community.

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