Dog holding leash in mouth looks at viewer with puppy eyes at doorway; umbrella stand behind him.

You Got This!

If you live with or near a progressive disease you may find your changing capabilities to be discouraging, frustrating, even maddening.

I just wanted to walk my dog. A friend was visiting and, unprompted, she captured a bit of footage of an average morning I'm sharing for its reality factor. Though unremarkable in its content, I hope you find relatability in this that reminds you to keep moving.

It's the best we can do in each hour, where change is the only certainty.

Daily walks with my patient comrade

I cannot be sure if my hands and feet will work. This was not an off time, but a fairly good day. My patient comrade, Augie Moe, is always at my side. A 9-year-old mini Australian Shepherd with strong herding and protective instincts and a higher capacity for compassion and awareness than our policymakers. I am fortunate to live among such beauty here in Northern California!

When we are quarantined in our own bodies we must find a way to keep energy flowing so we don't lock up and become crippled so quickly. Walking and connecting every day is a key, not a luxury. It only took me an hour to get dressed!

Sigh! Ah, but I did it...and so can you!

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