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brother in-law

  • By BellyBell

    Has anyone heard of losing all function of their legs?
    My brother in-law was doing ok until 2 weeks ago he could no longer walk.
    He basically has since lost movement in his arms too. He is at a nursing
    home at the moment and they are doing therapy however it doesn’t seem to
    be helping. Anyone have info or similar thing happen?
    We are totally lost as to what to do.

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  • By BellyBell

    I have heard of freezing but this is more. It’s 2 weeks and he still can’t move.
    Is that till considered freezing? They have to use a lift to move him around
    because nothing is working. It’s like he is paralyzed.

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  • By Karl Robb Moderator

    This is something that I have not heard of –I have heard of loss of balance, stiffness,poor gait, and even reduced strength but never a complete loss of the use of one’s legs. Physical therapy and working closely with the neurologist might be a good place to keep the muscles moving and to determine what is going on. I wish you well. Karl Robb, Team Member

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