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New PD Diagnosis and My Thoughts

I started tipping forward recently, lost my sense of smell a decade ago, and noticed one arm not swinging when I walked. My son did some research and Mr Google informed him I had PD. So when I went to the neurologist it was no surprise when he said "you have Parkinson's".

Fighting Parkinson's

After the shock wore off I decided to do something about it (I'm 64 btw) so what did I do? I did three things:

  1. Trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ for his help through this. Most important of all.
  2. Bought workout equipment and started an aggressive workout plan. I walk and play pickleball too.
  3. Started a supplement regiment that includes 28 supplements, most of which are for the brain and yes that includes Mucuna Purines. I'm not on Sinemet or any meds as of yet and don't plan to for the foreseeable future.

Faith and hope

At this point, I do not have tremors and other than my gait and occasional brain fog I feel pretty normal. I know this is a progressive disease and hope to slow it down to a crawl. I may be naive but at this point I plan to fight, fight and fight it. I know you don't die of PD, you die with it.

Life is short and many people face much more challenges than I do. If I died today I can thank the Lord for saving me and giving me great hope. To all, stay strong, be positive and if you are a believer, trust Him who holds the keys to life and death.

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