Terry's Life So Far

I have been living with this disease for years now and I have found that the problems I have experienced are better explained by others who know what I am feeling and experiencing.

Strange Parkinson's symptom: Leg pain

Seems we all have different symptoms coming from this disease, my own seems strange to some of the doctors I have seen in the past. I am now dealing with pain in my left leg at the knee joint, that comes and goes.

I also had to deal with a stroke last year. On top of that, I suffer from seizure disorder.

Hearing about Parkinson's symptoms from others

I have got a great team of doctors who help me as much as they can. I am a Vietnam veteran and I go to the VA hospital in Indianapolis. But like I said before, the best information I get is from others who have this disease.

Please let me know if there are other people dealing with this pain in the leg thing.

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