Glad To Know What’s Wrong With Me

In 2021, I was diagnosed with essential tremors in both hands. After about 12 months, the shaking went from annoying to bad. I found my hand writing needed extra time and I had to use hand pressure to make my writing legible. In the last two years, I found I couldn’t multitask anymore, but I could focus hard on what I was doing and complete my projects. When I’d look for a word in my talking, the word would not come to me. Then 5 seconds later, the word is remembered.

Just getting old! Right?…

When I have to publicly conduct a Discussion or Question and Answer Session from a platform, I wouldn't remember the names of people I have known for years. It embarrasses me and them. How can I forget for a minute someone’s name that I have known for years and they are a close friend?!? I have some confusion when driving around doing errands. I don't know what order to do them and where I am going. I now use my wife’s help to organize my outings. I appreciate her input, but I haven’t needed this kind of help several years ago! Why now?

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Weakness in my legs

In the last 9 months, both of my legs are progressively getting weaker. I have pain and cramping in both my hamstring muscles. I’m expected to stand and give 30 minute public talks, but I can’t stand on my feet 7 minutes without going to a chair and sitting down for a while. I can’t walk for any distance without coming to a stop. I am afraid to take another step because of weakness and a fear of falling. I was standing and walking for 10 minutes in an assembly hall with my wife visiting others. I became so weak on my legs I had to hold onto the walls to walk weakly back to my seat, I was afraid of falling.

What is going on with me? Am I just getting older?

Boy... do I miss being able to go for a walk or cycling! Now it seems I am weak in my arm and hand strength too! I’ve lost some muscle mass from my arms. My wife use to hand me a jar she couldn't open and now because of my weakness, I give it to my son for opening.

I talked to my GP and she referred me to a neurologist. On examination he said my symptoms present as PD and is sending me for a MRI and DaTscan in July. He put me on levodopa. Do I dare think it will work this fast? Within three days, I can walk again with better balance and no cane! I’m scheduled for therapy now. Since dopamine addition seems to help, can I safely say I have an illness and not old age? This could be good news for me. 78 and thinking young…. Bruceski

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