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My short term memory is shot!

Hi Everybody, it's Ernie.

Well, how is everyone doing? I wanted to tell you another story about memory. Do you remember I suggested we all try to put some humor into our life? Ha, Ha.

Short-term memory problems

If your problem is anything like mine, this will fit into your short-term memory. Or, that is, the lack of it. I always was blessed, and still am, with a good long-term memory that is. But, there is always a but. But, my short-term memory is gone to pieces. I was always the one who could tell the group, whoever we were, what we were talking about, the dates, the place and even other details that were necessary for a complete conversation. Now, I can't recollect an issue that is part of current conversation. It's really annoying, right in the middle of a thought, you forget, the subject, the name or anything else.

Dear Friends, if you are having the same problem, what should you do? First, don't let yourself get into a position that will cause you to become frustrated. What I have learned to do is be close to my wife, and I will actually ask her what I can't seem to ascertain, at the time of the conversation. It's OK. If the people you are with don't understand, then change the company you keep. By all means, don't get frustrated. It doesn't seem we can change the situation, so work on making the best of it.

Remaining positive

Dementia is a dirty word in some circles, but, there it is again, but we can work on it and remain as positive as possible. I'm a newbie, in this condition, I'm not going to quit as long as I can fight back. Can I encourage you Dear Friends, to do the same. Until the next time dear friends, try to remember me! We're all in this together, fraternal love, Ernie.

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