A Socialite with Parkinson's

The term "socialite" was my mother's, who was elated when I was named one of our city's debutantes years ago. At the time, I was following a dream to become a self-sustaining writer. By grace and sweat and persistence, over a 40-year career, my dream has come true.

Parkinson's and a loss of energy

Working as a journalist and book author, I had a lot of energy until my diagnosis of Parkinson's eighteen years ago. In the Parkinson's community, I have found the various symptoms often hard to deal with. The physical discomfort parallels my long mourning over abilities I am losing, or are gone. Three years ago, I had surgery for a head wound sustained in several falls on concrete.

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Accepting help

A year ago, unable to care for myself, I was invited to move in with my family and am now learning to accept help. Now that I am a student again, I see that there are gifts to be found in each day. My focus on success as an author and teacher has given way to a focus on doing my daily routine of bathing, dressing, ordering basic items when someone is making a grocery run.

One final note: solitude for me has not been a prison sentence but perhaps a time to muse, read, harvest the gold from my long life and especially to thank my stars for the harmony with family.

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