Going on 4 years since confirmed

I was in my mid-late 50's when the motor, smell, and severe R.L.S. sent me searching for answers I did not want to have. "Parkinson's. Oh don't worry. It's not a death sentence".

Parkinson's and lupus

She was correct, to me, it's worse. A life sentence with little hope for release. Locked in an ever-increasing box of nasties. And ever-decreasing space. I was living at the time in Pa. I was lured down here by my Daughter. She and my Son In Law would care for me.

So here I am 3 years out from there. Alone now. No care partner. In a rather unpleasant neighborhood in Oklahoma. Lupus is just one additional malady added since. But things are looking up, right? It's easy to look up while laying on your back. Cheerio mates.

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