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PD in My Life

Since I was a child, I had tremors in my hands, my father used to say “is because you are nervous” medicated with Valium or Librium. Nothing ever worked. At age of 52 I was diagnosed with PD, I’m 63.

Never the less I went through college for over 12 years, first MBA, then I became a Physician. I practiced for over 20 years, until my hand tremors were too much. My neurologist prescribed me various medications, that instead of help, they make me sicker. Two of them made me lose my memory. 3 years after visiting my neurologist, I told her, “I’m not going to take more medications”. Up to the present, I only take vitamins, calcium, and aspirin. Aspirin for my heart, I have Atrial fibrillation.

Never give up

I never stopped doing my routine in life. I never give up! Only thing I gave up, was working. I mow the grass, paint the house; it helps me continue being productive. I have the best support, my wife. I use the utensil like everyone else. Yes, I hold them different than before. My brother bought me utensils for Parkinson’s patients, they move more than my hands, I never used them again. I cook… sometimes.

In resumption, I live my life normally. No one in my family had PD. I pray daily for my health to get better. The most important thing having PD is the support of family and friends.

And very important: NO ONE DIES FROM PD! People with PD, die from other complications or diseases.

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  • Chris H. moderator
    4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your story with us, @boricua. It’s great to read that you’re still staying active and keeping routines. Wonderful to have such a great support system, too! All of these factors are powerful tools in the PD journey. Thanks again! – Chris, Team

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