The Psychotic Side of Parkinson's

My husband was diagnosed in 2009. Was on dopamine agonists. Within months developed compulsive behavior (sexual) left me for 3 months, had taken up with another woman. Specialist stopped them and was back in 2 weeks with me. Over the 10 years lots of problems, paranoia. Night terrors and too many other things to mention.

In 2018 just fell over a cliff started falling all the time. 2 stays in hospital. Became incontinent and had developed Parkinson's dementia. Couldn't keep him safe and had to be admitted to a care home. It totally broke me. In April 2020 caught covid and died. He was never the same after taking dopamine agonists yet this drug is still downplayed so much. I know 3 people in a 1 mile radius who have had the same or similar consequences. I feel now that sometimes the drugs are worse than the disease. This needs to be brought more into the open.

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