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Coping with my Parkinson's disease

I am now 69 years old and still find going to work early a way of living with my disease. I was diagnosed by neurologist about 5 years ago, but before that I have observed that my speech is getting softer and blurred. Then later I noticed that my walking became slower and slower and I also do have balance issues.

Diagnosis and speech therapy

Several friend physicians before my neuro-diagnosis suspected that I may have had a mild stroke - I underwent brain scanning, but no signs of having a mild stroke was evident – so I was advised to see a neurologist who outright upon entering his clinic diagnosed me as having Parkinson’s and prescribed to me the following meds – tidomet, pkmerz and akedine that I take 3 times daily.

To correct my speech problem – I enrolled in a speech therapy session daily for one-month – but still my difficulty is on my speech – before I am a trainer on public nutrition – in my country and other countries – but due to my speech-difficulty I can no longer do it – at the moment I am working as a resettlement specialist in a government institution as a member of the consulting team. So far my job gave me the satisfaction of being independent on my family from support.

NOBODY in my family from the 3rd generation has ever been diagnosed as affected by Parkinson’s disease. So I am still in search on where could I have gotten this disease.

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