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Does PD cause you to lose bladder and bowel control?

Community Answers
  • inroos
    2 years ago

    Hi, i’m new to this site, so I hope I’m not ‘out of line’ here.
    In my case, I was first diagnosed with PD at the end of 2014. I have subsequently realized that I probably was already affected several years earlier.
    About 5 years prior to diagnosis, I started treatment for symptoms of a benign prostate enlargement. At the same time I started experiencing loss of bladder control along with urination urgency, which I presumed to be related to the prostate condition. Now, many years later, I start to wonder if it wasn’t PD related to start with.
    Facial ‘masking’ is another issue I’ve been aware of for about the past 10 years.
    At present, speech problems and impared use of the left hand are my biggest problems.
    Does anyone have info on how effective DBS has been in these areas?

  • KellyW moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi inroos! You are definitely not out of line with your question. It’s a great question and one that I think many more people should ask. I have struggled with bladder and bowel incontinence. Parkinson’s can definitely cause both. There are medications you can take to help with both issues. I recently had very good luck with both issues by seeing a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic core health. You will need a prescription from a doctor for this type of treatment. It is basically exercises that strengthen the muscles around the bladder and bowels. I helps with urgency and retention.
    I had DBS surgery in April 2016. DBS will help with symptoms that respond to carbidopa/levadopa. So, for example, if your facial masking gets better with carbidopa/levadopa and worse without, it is likely DBS will help that symptom. Not everyone is a candidate, so you would have to work with your doctor to determine the efficacy of the surgery.
    Regards, Kelly, Team Member

  • Chris H. moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi inroos! Welcome to the site! We’re really glad to have you here, and you’re not out of line! DBS typically helps relieve motor symptoms of stiffness, rigidity, and tremor to name a few. We have a great article that explains more about it here: We definitely recommend speaking to movement disorder specialist to further investigate DBS. Hope this helps! – Chris, Team Member

  • Chris H. moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi, SpinuzDS – thanks for taking the time to submit your question! Parkinson’s can cause several gastrointestinal issues like lose of bladder control. We have some more information on these symptoms in this article: I hope this helps! – Chris, Team Member

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