My Parkinson’s Christmas List! What I REALLY Want!

I have decided to go public with my Christmas List. I was asked to do so by a friend of mine who also has Parkinson’s that caught a glimpse of it and decided that she wanted most of what was on it as well. While this is not a total and complete list and certainly the personality and loves of the person with Parkinson's will have to be taken into consideration, these are some pretty cool ideas!

My Parkinson's wish list

  1. Food Collector (Bib) - I have some serious parties to go to this year!! But the reality is… can’t keep the food from spilling! At 53 years old, it is not my idea of a good time to have some undignified bib put on me. The answer: A chic looking over-bib or a scarf that will catch the food that can easily be removed. Then I can feel confident that after we eat, I can shed the food collector and party on!
  2. Brain Games - I could use some games to keep my brain going… Either on the computer or even board games that someone can play WITH me!! I enjoy the company a lot! The more engaged I am the more I can keep my brain engaged!
  3. Smart Spoon - There are a few of these out there. The latest techno gift for your PWP, an anti shaking spoon. Keeps the peas on the spoon not on the floor! I am really tired of picking up all the peas. Although the dog will be bummed out!
  4. Adult Coloring Books - There are some for those that are more artistic and some specifically designed for those that might be a little less artistic. They are a great way to relax and calm anxiety as well as to express oneself. OHH! Don't forget the colored pencils and pens!
  5. Electric Toothbrush - Let’s face it, we are tired of trying to brush our teeth and constantly stabbing our gums with the brush when we tremor. A round head Electric Toothbrush is a great idea and works wonders!
  6. Yoga for Parkinson’s - Exercise is very important for People with Parkinson’s so whether it is Boxing, Swimming or Yoga, we need to MOVE! Yoga has been found to not only help us move, but to stretch out our muscles and free up our movements. Get your loved one some Yoga gear or sign them up for a Yoga class!
  7. Home Grocery Delivery - This is one of the greatest gifts that could be given! We have given seen this given to new parents and to the disabled as well. A little computer and phone savvy and your Loved One can have their groceries delivered right to their door. For those days when it is not a good day to go out!
  8. A special evening out during the Holiday Season - We love to go for a drive and look at all the Christmas lights! Tune the radio to some Christmas music and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Holiday Season! It is a break from the daily grind and a special way to enjoy the season with your loved one!
  9. Massage or Spa Day - Nothing says I love you like a massage! Treat your loved one to a spa day maybe even spring for a mani/pedi! Let them feel treated! Even the men like a good mani/pedi and massage! Not only will it relax muscles, but it can do wonders for mood and anxiety!
  10. Awareness, Advocacy, Education and Cure! (I know asking a lot) - My husband and I both have Parkinson’s disease and have been dealing with it for quite a while now. We have been advocates, educators, and public speakers. Still, we see continue to see a whole new group of newly diagnosed people that are coming up the ranks. Many, like us are young onset. We must continue to speak up! This is my greatest wish for the Christmas and the New Year!! FIND us a CURE! If not for us, for her:
A picture of Gretchen's granddaughter

Stocking Stuffers

  • Key Finders
  • Medical ID Bracelets
  • Pill Reminders
  • Favorite CD’s of music
  • Aloe Socks
  • Encouraging Book
  • Journal

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