The Creativity Drive

As long as I have lived, I think that I have always been a little different-no better-no worse! My first and only job placement test reported that my occupation talent was best suited to be a puppeteer. Unless I could have met the rare success of Edgar Bergen, Jeff Dunham, or Terry Fator, I don’t think that my future with puppets had huge upside.

I don’t know where Parkinson’s disease began and where it ends, but it may play some role in my love of art, photography, drawing, and writing. My drive to create is a passion, not an obsession. I wouldn’t consider myself prolific, but diligent.

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Capturing a moment in time

Expression through creative elements, be it music, on paper, clay, or movement is cathartic. Whether others see it or not, the sense of accomplishment is still there. I don’t know how much of this drive relates to any neurological imbalance but, I do know that putting thoughts, feelings, and creations on paper only grows stronger, the older that I get.

I have always loved the art of photography and capturing a moment in time. Photos tell a story that go beyond verbal, and often, even written description. The photos that I have amassed bring back a fond history that I sometimes had not thought about for years.

Written expression

My love of words has gone on since I was in 2nd grade. I still have my first published poem that was in my school newsletter. My love of words was only perpetuated with weekly class spelling bees, which I rarely won, but truly enjoyed. Words are the building blocks of written expression. There is something special about connecting with the reader and sharing experiences that may help others. I have been fortunate to connect with readers all over the world through my blog, my books, and lectures. My joy for expressing myself and telling my story has not only been healthy for me but been a mission to make a difference and to help at least one person.

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