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Women and Parkinson's

Hi everyone, my names Cara. I'm a 4th year design student at NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

For my final design project, I'm working on developing a digital product that'll help women with Parkinson's be able to keep track of their symptoms, medications, and communication between physicians.

I've decided to focus my project specifically on women with Parkinson's because it's a topic that needs to be further researched especially about women's reproductive cycles. This experience is different for everyone, and I'm hoping this could be a potential step in further developing the Parkinson's research and healthcare for women.

If any women would be open to sharing their experiences with Parkinson's and the healthcare system I would be so appreciative. If you would like to speak privately instead please reach out and I would be happy to provide my email address. Thank you so much, I really hope to hear from some of you!

  1. Wow, that's great that you are finding a way for women to manage their PD symptoms and track them online. I wish you the best in your studies. I hope that others in our community reach out to you. Best wishes, Suzanne Troy, Patient Advocate

    1. I have had a good time emotionally with my doctors and the facility yhry work in! I feel they most doctors don’t understand pd avd are learning Judy sss we are! It’s a very confusing desease! So we need to research it as much as they can and understand as much as we can!

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