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What I know now about my PD.

Hello all: it’s good to be back. I’ve been off this site for sometime and much has changed. I’m 70 this coming November and diagnosed 5 years ago. I just saw a movement specialist today and got some good news. Even though my tremors have worsened and my gate is a little off, I’m Still taking C/L 25/100 and still maintaining a positive attitude and still functioning. Speaking of Still, I saw MJ Fox’s documentary. IMO very worth while.

I still play guitar (a little), still reading a lot, still walking 2-4 miles a day ( a little slower though) , still exercising. Which leads me to an important mode of exercising, BOXING. I have been hitting the heavy bag since 2019. I feel it has helped my strength, balance , endurance, stamina, and memory. I do boxing and core at a Title gym near my home in Massachusetts. The other organization I just signed with is “ Punch4Parkinsons. An organization dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s get into a beneficial routine and workout with boxing. Check them out.

The other thing I spend time on is photographing bird. Sounds crazy, right? With tremors, and I rarely use my tripod. The trick is, first of all my lens (200-500mm) is pretty heavy so it seems to slow the tremors, second, the lens has VR (vibration reduction ) and third, if I can maintain lock on the bird, I shoot a 1/3200th of a second. Too fast to see any movement from tremors. Photography is a great hobby. If nothing else, it will get you out in nature. A life benefit in and of itself.
I hope all of you are doing what you can to put a smile on your face. It’s very important to feel a sense of accomplishment no matter how small.
Parkinson’s can be a big obstacle to overcome. Keep trying to beat back Parkinson’s. Surround yourself with people who care , support and help you
Bluebird in Maine

  1. I love your positive outlook and doing what you can to keep active and involved. Your encouragement is appreciated by so many of us who are trying to find ways to stay active.
    Warmest regards Thea DeStephano Community Team Member

    1. - Welcome back! Glad to see you're keeping up with your hobbies. This is such a cool photo! Hope you have a great weekend. - Chris, Team

      1. Uplifting and encouraging. I am 73 and diagnosed November 2022. I may have had it sooner. My fibromyalgia masked many of the PD symptoms. I had to get an incurable disease to live again! After COVID I felt bad every day, but STILL kept smiling and moving. Your affirmation that exercise helps is encouraging. Now with a different life routine and good meds, I am a busy busy gal. Boxing might help a great deal. Thank you

        1. Hello:
          I’m glad to hear that you have turned things around in your life.
          If you have access to a good movement specialist, I feel that is key to overcoming many of the complications caused by PD. I went to a neurologist to be diagnosed. After a while, I didn’t have much of a connection with her. COVID showed up and half forced me to find my own way. Things got worse. I found that boxing was a good motivator and a good incentive to be better at self evaluation. After Covid, I found a great movement specialist focused on PD. And now, like you, I am busy, busy, busy.

          Stay active , stay strong, stay happy. Take care,


        2. thank you for encouraging me. I’m still moving forward. Cheers

      2. see the tennis footwork exercises here simplify and slow down of course

        1. Hi , these look like some good and fun exercises! Have you tried them all? While exercise tends to be great for those with Parkinson's, it's important to ensure it's cleared with one's doctor and safe to perform on an individual basis.
          Thank you for sharing!
          All the best,
          Christina, Team

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