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what has helped with sleep

I tried Ambien 10 mg, CBD/THC, all the over-the-counter stuff, and my newest scrip Ramelteon 8 mg nothing helps me sleep at all .I am ready to go to the ER . What has worked for you?

  1. Posy
    less than a minute ago
    (I am In UK)
    Severe insomnia for four years: literally could not get to sleep at night, so finally prescribed with small dose (250mcg) of Clonazepam.
    Very welcome, works well. Couldn’t believe it!!!
    HOWEVER, I do wake four hours after taking it. I am so happy to get any sleep, so am scared to stop taking it. Am intending to reduce it as benzos are TERRIBLY ADDICTIVE!
    Insomnia is a miserable symptom of PD, but meds are so compromising.

    1. some time I think the doctors dont see how bad no sleep is

      1. Hi , It is really frustrating to try and convince doctors how bad your symptoms are. I know it can be difficult, but have you considered seeking a second opinion? Best, Lauren ( Team)

    2. I Have an appointment for Jan. he is booked the office will if something opens sooner
      this isfor a second opinion

      1. Hi , please keep us posted on how your appointment goes. Best, Lauren ( Team)

    3. so I went to my doctor who has been treating me for a few years now, He gave me different sleep meds. I called him after a couple of weeks of trying the new med and told him they weren't working. He told me there was nothing more he could do and to look into a sleep study. the total sleep meds ie tried were 2. I think it really is time for a new doctor

      1. I can imagine how frustrating it is to hear there is nothing more that can be done from a doctor. Our community gets it. I see you mentioned earlier having an appointment scheduled in January for a second opinion. I truly hope this appointment proves helpful. Will be thinking of you and sending many good vibes. Please reach out anytime. Kindly, Jessica, Team Member

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