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What are member's experiences with the drug Rasagiline

I have just started taking Rasagiline (.5 mg for 2 weeks, then 1 mg) to see if it will help with my brain fog/disconnect and maybe my tremors. I am not taking any other PD medication.

I would be interested in hearing what other people have experienced with this drug-has it helped/side effects, etc.

  1. Hi , hopefully others will weigh in with their experiences. In the meantime, I shared an article written by a fellow community member on her experience - Hope this helps. Wishing you well. -Jessica, Team Member

    1. Thank you for the link and well wishes.

  2. I have just begun Rasagaline as well for another movement disorder as well with good results overall. It is interfering with sleeping and I need to determine what time of day is best to take it. I am highly drug sensitive , so am glad there have been no side effects thus far.If it continues to be symptom free the neurologist may
    increase the dosage.I hope you have good results as well . Thea DeStephano
    Community Team Member

    1. Thank you for your input about Rasagiline. I have only been taking it for a week at .5 mg dosage. So far I have not seen any side effects. I am drug sensitive as well, so it will be interesting to see once my dosage is increased to 1 mg after two weeks. Hope you continue to have good results. Elaine

  3. I have been taking Rasagiline 1mg daily for about four months and it has been great. More energy, less brain fog and no side effects.
    I can now run 4 miles without having to take a walking break. Took a couple of weeks before I noticed any change.
    Still have memory problems and get a bit melancholy sometimes and it doesn't seem to have done anything about my mild tremor, but I'm really pleased with the benefit.
    Hope it works for you.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging reply. I hope it works equally well for me. TY!

  4. I am glad to read that rasagiline works well for you! It was the first Rx I received but didn’t help by itself. I hope it works well for a long time! Lorraine, moderator

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